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  • ASAP 2020

    Physisorption and Chemisorption

    Micromeritics ASAP 2020 for surface area and porosity analysis

  • Schlenk

    Schlenk Lines

    For the synthesis and handling of chemicals in an inert environment

  • LF-NMR

    Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

    Bruker Minispec MQ-20 for relaxometry and diffusometry analyses

  • GB

    Glove Box

    Vacuum Atmosphere Glove Box HE 493 for the synthesis and handling of chemicals in an inert environment

  • Reactor

    Pressure Reactors

    Parr reactors for chemical reactions at high temperatures and pressures

  • Gas Chromatography

    Gas Chromatography

    Agilent 7693 for quantitative & qualitative analyses of compounds

  • IR

    Fourier Transform IR

    Perkin Elmer Spectrum One to obtain structural information of materials

  • Pycnometer

    Gas Pycnometer

    Micromeritics AccuPyc II 1340 to obtain the density of porous and non-porous materials

  • AutoChem II

    Chemisorption Analysis

    Micromeritics AutoChem II for precise studies of chemisorption and temperature-programmed reaction

  • Tube

    Tube Furnace

    Lindberg tube furnace to perform experiments at extreme temperatures

  • Cryogenic Grinder

    Cryogenic Grinder

    SPEX 6770 for particle size reduction of materials at cryogenic conditions

  • Calcination

    Muffle Furnace

    Thermolyne Barnstead muffle furnace for the calcination of materials at different temperatures