Prof. Chad Mirkin Visits KU

Dr. Chad Mirkin, Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology and George B. Rathmann Professor at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), was this year's speaker in the 51st Annual Werner Lecture Series. In addition to his seminar, Dr. Mirkin visited laboratories and met with faculty and graduate students in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering departments.

While at KU, he also reconnected with his previous graduate student, Dr. Alan Allgeier, who received a Ph.D. from Northwestern University while working in Dr. Mirkin's group. In his talk "Exploring the 'Matterverse' with Nanomaterial Megalibraries," Dr. Mirkin discussed the most recent findings of his research group.

"Mirkin lecture"
Dr. Mirkin presents at the 51st Annual Werner Lecture Series.

The graduate students in the Allgeier group were able of to meet with Dr. Mirkin and introduce their research projects.

"Prof. Chad Mirkin and Students"
Dr. Chad Mirkin (center) and graduate students Murilo Suekuni (left) and Samir Castilla (right).