Vyoma Maroo


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Vyoma Maroo received her Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Nirma University, India in 2014. At KU, she received a master's degree under the guidance of Dr. Alan M. Allgeier, graduating with honors in 2020. She worked on potential derivatives of bio-ethanol using enzymes. Her project aimed at increasing the profitability of not only the ethanol industry but also of the farmers. Recent concerns on the environmental quality and energy resources have made bio-catalysis and bio-fuels-derived chemicals commercially important. Therefore, she developed various techno-economic models for the sustainable and efficient production of ethanol derivatives.

Besides the academic experience, Vyoma also has 3 years of industrial background, wherein she worked towards building a set of software skills on varied drafting, modeling & visualization software such as AutoCAD & NX. She was also the project lead for designing and developing commercial vehicle and light truck radial tires for the long haul, regional and off-road applications for the Indian, American, Egyptian and Mexican market.


M.S. in Chemical Engineering, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Graduated with Honors
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Nirma University, 2014, Ahmedabad, India

Selected Publications

  • Patni, N., Yadava, P., Agarwal, A., & Maroo, V. (2013). Study on Wheat Gluten Biopolymer: A Novel Way to Eradicate Plastic Waste. Indian Journal of Applied Research, 3(8), 253-255.
  • Patni, N., Agarwal, A., Maroo, V., & Yadava, P. (2013). Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymer Based on Wheat Gluten. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, 4(7), 1091-1094