Tristan R. Myers


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Tristan Myers is an alumnus of Chemical Engineering at the University of Kansas. His work in the Allgeier Group involved analyzing particle suspensions and solutions using time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance. Outside of classes and research, Tristan was involved in KU's chapter of Engineers Without Borders as its Domestic Program Coordinator. Tristan is now a graduate student at the University of Delaware.


B.S. in Chemical Engineering (In-progress), The University of Kansas, 2021, Lawrence, KS

Selected Publications

Suekuni, M. T.; Myers, T. R.; McNeil, M. C.; Prisco, A. J.; Shelburne, S. S.; Shepperson, W. A.; Allgeier, A. M. Surface Area Determination of Kevlar Particles in Suspensions Containing Iron Impurities Using Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry. ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2020, 2 (6), 2134–2141.

Kinn, B. E.; Myers, T. R.; Allgeier, A. M. Surface EnhancedNuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Mechanisms and TheirSignificance in Chemical Engineering Applications.Curr. Opin. Chem.Eng.2019,24, 115−121.