Titus Szobody

Titus S
  • Undergraduate Researcher - REU Program 2022

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Titus is a junior in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University with a concentration in nanoscience. He works on developing energy harvesters by utilizing hydrogels with liquid metal particle electrodes in the Dickey lab at North Carolina State University. At the University of Kansas, he worked in the Allgeier lab on producing bimetallic catalysts for ring-opening hydrodeoxygenation reactions on furanic compounds. The aim of this research is to optimize the yield and selectivity of renewably-sourced monomers from biomass in these reactions. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano and soccer. After his experience with the REU program at KU, Titus will continue doing research in the Dickey lab, and plans to move on to a master's degree once his bachelor's is finished at NC State. His future plans include obtaining more industry experience as he considers career paths.  


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC