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Alysha Bell

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Alysha Bell is a senior studying chemical engineering with an environmental emphasis. At the Allgeier group, Alysha has worked in heterogeneous catalysis to study several different reactions for the use of bio-feedstocks in usable materials. Additionally, she worked with the synthesis of polymers followed by appropriate characterization. Around campus, she is involved in the honors program and oSTEM. In her free time, Alysha enjoys cooking, baking, and exploring new coffee shops. As of 2022, she is pursuing a career with Ramboll in environmental engineering consulting in Overland Park, KS.



B.S. in Chemical Engineering (In-progress), The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Selected Publications

Kyle J. Stephens, Alan M. Allgeier*, Alysha L. Bell, Torren R. Carlson, Yan Cheng, Justin T. Douglas, Laurie A. Howe, Carl A. Menning, Sarah A. Neuenswander, Sourav K. Sengupta, Prem S. Thapa, and Joachim C. A Mechanistic Study of Polyol Hydrodeoxygenation over a Bifunctional Pt-WOx/TiO2 Catalyst. Ritter. ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 12996−13007