Jayhawks at the ACS Spring 2023

"Downtown Indianapolis"
The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

Indianapolis welcomed thousands of Chemists and Engineers for the spring national meeting organized by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The Allgeier group was represented by Dr. Alan Allgeier and the Ph.D. student Murilo Suekuni, who gave research presentations on Sunday (3/26) and Wednesday (3/29) during the Sustainable Catalytic Pathways to C3 Molecules and Surface Chemistry sessions, respectively.

"Alan Allgeier presents research."
Dr. Alan Allgeier presents at the ACS Spring 2023 meeting.

The event featured presentations by Scientists from many different backgrounds, including the plenary session with Dr. Dave MacMillan, James S. McDonnell Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2021.

"Murilo Suekuni and Alan Allgeier at ACS 2023"
Ph.D. student Murilo Suekuni (left) and Dr. Alan Allgeier (right) at the ACS Spring 2023 meeting.