Sustainability: Catalysis, Continuous Manufacturing and Porous Materials

Engineering Interns

Samuel Castillo

A post by Samuel Castillo (Left)

Samuel Castillo is currently a student at Maritime and Science Technology (MAST) Academy in Miami, Florida and is a member of the Chemical Engineering Experience in Research (ChEER) Program led by Dr. Alan M. Allgeier. As a ChEER Youth Intern, Samuel is currently working with Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LF-NMR) and 3D printing to make and characterize uniform porous materials, e.g. polymers.  Samuel has taken great interest in the field of engineering and is looking forward to learning more about chemistry and its applications in the real world.

Outside of academics Samuel is the Vice President of the MAST Rho Kappa Honor Society chapter, Model UN and Eclipse Club. He also plays tennis recreationally and volunteers with various organizations in his local community.


Richard Ma Labelling one of his Silica Samples

A post by Richard Ma

I am a high school student from Lake Bluff, IL. My dad is a chemist, and often times he asked me to help him with his work for his company. I have taken several chemistry courses in school and find chemistry interesting because it can help explain lots of things in the world. I also find coding interesting. I look forward to learning new things during my time here. Currently, I am doing experiments regarding NMR and polystyrene relaxation rates. NMR helps us understand the porous structure of solids such as polystyrene, and gives us insight into its applications in many fields such as medicine. It uses the magnetic fields of two large magnets to detect how long it takes for the content of an atom to return back to equilibrium. I have partaken in interesting activities such as fire extinguisher training, or EH and S video watching.