Sustainability: Catalysis, Continuous Manufacturing and Porous Materials

Alan M. Allgeier

School of Engineering - Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Northwestern University
Primary office:
Learned Hall, 4148B
University of Kansas
1530 W. 15th St
Lawrence, Kansas 66045




As an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Alan Allgeier utilizes experiences from his twenty-year career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to envision and realize revolutionary technologies for the sustainable manufacture of chemicals and materials.  His expertise in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis and reactor design have been instrumental in production of large scale (monomers for nylon and polyesters) and small scale (clinical-scale pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals) products. Beyond sustainable manufacturing, Dr. Allgeier focuses on the characterization of porous materials including catalysts but also biomass, thermal insulation, solid formulations of pharmaceuticals and adsorbents.  At the University of Kansas, he is building a research group around three themes:

Characterization of porous materials and colloidal systems with a multi-technique approach including novel applications of NMR relaxometry

Continuous flow processing applied to pharmaceuticals, with emphasis on transient production of toxic or highly reactive reagents

Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts with unique reactivity

Selected Publications

Allgeier, A. M.; Sengupta, S. K. Nitrile Hydrogenation. In Hydrogenation: Catalysts and Processes; Jackson, S. D., Ed.; DeGruyter: Berlin, 2018.
Lasio, J.; Allgeier, A. M.; Chan, C. D.; Londono, J. D.; Najafi, E.; Woerner, F. J. Control of Mechanical Stability of Hollow Silica Particles, and Its Measurement by Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry. LANGMUIR 2017, 33 (19), 4666–4674.
Allgeier, A. M.; Bunel, E. E.; Storz, T. Reductive Amination without the Aldehyde: Use of a Ketolactol as an Aldehyde Surrogate. Top. In Catal. 2014, 57 (17–20), 1335–1341.
Chen, K.; Allgeier, A. M.; Gibson, L. J. Thermal Conductivity and Characterization of Compacted, Granular Silica Aerogel. Energy and Buildings 2014, 79, 47–57.
Allgeier, A. M.; Shaw, B. J.; Hwang, T.-L.; Milne, J. E.; Tedrow, J. S.; Wilde, C. N. Characterization of Two Stable Degradants of Palladium TBuXPhos Catalyst and a Unique Dearomatization Reaction. Organometallics 2012, 31 (2), 519–522.
Kasparian, A. J.; Savarin, C.; Allgeier, A. M.; Walker, S. D. Selective Catalytic Hydrogenation of Nitro Groups in the Presence of Activated Heteroaryl Halides. J. Org. Chem. 2011, 76 (23), 9841–9844.
Allgeier, A. M.; Bunel, E. E. Application of Scavengers for the Removal of Palladium in Small Lot Manufacturing. Chemical Industries (Dekker) 2009, 123 (Catalysis of Organic Reactions), 51–59.
Allgeier, A. M.; Duch, M. W. Deactivation of Nitrile Hydrogenation Catalysts: New Mechanistic Insight from a Nylon Recycle Process. Appl. Catal. A.: General 2007, 318, 190–198.

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Selected Presentations

Allgeier, A. M. (7/25/2018). Controlling Catalyst Microstructure in PtW Supported Catalysts. Gordon Research Conference in Catalysis. Colby-Sawyer College New London, NH USA
Allgeier, A. M. (5/7/2018). Control of Mechanical Stability of Hollow Silica Particles, and Its Measurement by Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry. Characterization of Porous Materials - 8. Delray Beach, FL
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Allgeier, A. M. (3/6/2018). Catalyst Deactivation: Mechanisms and Mitigations. Department of Chemical Engineering Kansas State University. Manhattan, KS
Allgeier, A. M. (1/10/2018). A Perspective on Nitriles, Amines and Catalysts. Invista, site visit. Orange, TX
Allgeier, A. M. (10/19/2017). Catalysis for sustainable chemistry: Process development and catalyst characterization. ACS Mid-West Regional Meeting. Lawrence, KS
Allgeier, A. M. (6/30/2017). Influence of Synthesis Parameters on the Microstructure of PtWOx / SiO2 Catalysts. North American Catalysis Society
Allgeier, A. M. (1/31/2016). Catalyst Deactivation in the Catalysis of Organic Reactions: Mechanisms and Mitigations. Catalysis Society of New York
Allgeier, A. M. (11/30/2015). Characterization Techniques for Porosity and Surface Area: An Industrial Perspective. New Jersey Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering Department Seminar. Newark, NJ
Allgeier, A. M. (5/31/2015). Applications of Low-Field Time Domain NMR to Surface and Particle Science. NIST Discussion Forum: "Characterization and Application of Nanoporous Materials: Bridging from Fundamentals to Practice Part II – Bringing together Academia, Industry and National Laboratories". Delray Beach, FL
Allgeier, A. M., Chen, K., & Gibson, L. J. (5/31/2015). Characterization of Silica Aerogel Granules Under Compressive Force. Characterization of Porous Materials VII. Delray Beach, FL
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Allgeier, A. M. (5/31/2012). Catalysis Challenges in the Production of Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Philadelphia Catalysis Club Spring Symposium
Allgeier, A. M. (5/31/2010). Heterogeneous Catalysis Challenges in the Production of Organic Chemicals. Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (Germany) Institute Seminar. Rostock, Germany